Asbestos in air [A-2a] - Limits according to The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority

Substance: Report limit:
fibers 0.1 fibre/cm3

Package info

Price: 1.690 NOK / sample
Std. response time: 5 work days
Fastest response time: 1 work day
Discount group: 1
Sample type: Air/Work environment
Analysis type: Particles/asbestos
Sample amount: recommended volume 150-400 liters
Container: Polycarbonate filter in monitor for SEM, 25 mm or 37 mm
Method: SEM
Express: No
Accreditation: No
Remarks: The detection limit changes with the sample volume. Filters with larger diameter has a higher detection limit and are used only when there is much dust in the air
Notify which fiber types are expected in the sample. Regarding asbestos, the asbestos type is identified. The reported value is a sum of all fibres in the sample
Price is for analysis. Additional price for filter.
Lab: ALS Oslo